Personal photographic projects

image projetPortraits of living objects (2011)
Men, women, divinities. Objects that look us straight in the eye. Living objects that have stories to tell us.
A kitsch-poetic portrait of the Jeu de balle market in Brussels.



bxlandscapeBxlandscape (2012)
Every day, cars influence our vision and our imaginary of the city. BXLandscape is a visual research project about the relation between the immobility of urban architecture and cars in movement. A dialogue made of contrasts, as well as assonances, an interaction often generating a real fusion.


fritkotsFritkots (2013)
Since 1860, the fries shop, " fritkot " in Brussels slang, is an important element of the Belgian landscape. From old caravans to the most modern watertight buildings, this report wants to testify of their remarkable, although debated, contribution to the Brussels urbanistic identity.


you're born naked, the rest is dragYou're born naked, the rest is drag (2015)
A series of four self-portraits exploring the interactions between sexual identity and gender stereotypes.


Etude sur l'Equilibre A study about Equilibrium (work in progress)