Novella De Giorgi (1982, Lecce – Italy) lives and works as a freelance photographer and graphic designer in Bruxelles.

She uses the camera to translate into visual language the dialogue between objective chaos and her subjective perception.

She studied semantic and languages theory at the university of Bologna.
At the same time she attended the courses and the workshops of Claudio Marra (history of photography), Roberto Serra (analysis of photographic image), Luciano Nadalini (photo-report) and Gilberto Veronesi (digital post production).

In 2004 she was co-founder of Reflecsa, a no profit photographers' association using photography as a communication tool to trigger some reflections about urbanistic transformations in Bologna. She also provides visual communication services to the association (expositions, events, magazine).

In 2009 she worked for the publishing house Socialmente as a designer and promoter.

In 2010 she attended a professional training for web designers.

She's currently attending the Ixelles Academy of Arts, in Brussels, where she carries out her personal projects and pursues a technical and aesthetic exploration of photography and graphic design.

Solo Exhibitions :

2013 : Récit sans frontière, Centre Fedasil, Bruxelles
2012 : Portraits d'objets vivants, librairie maelstrÖm 4 1 4, Bruxelles

Selected Group Exhibitions :

2015 : You're born naked, the rest is drag, Pink Screens Queer Film Festival, Cinéma Nova, Bruxelles
2012 : Kedi şehri, Festival Murmure, Villa Henriette, Bruxelles
2009 : Orti Insorti, Urban Center, Bologna
2008 : Orti Insorti, XM24, Bologna
2007 : Orti Insorti, librairie Modo InfoShop, Bologna

Publication :

2015 : Femmes Plurielles, published by Femmes Prévoyantes Socialiste, June 2015
2015 : Femmes Plurielles, published by Femmes Prévoyantes Socialiste, March 2015
2014 : Axelle 168, published by Vie Féminine, April 2014
2007 : Il Mercato: una storia di rigenerazione urbana a Bologna, edited by G. Ginocchini and C. Tartari, published by Edisai